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Safer Campus

CAEN - Campus Area Emergency Network

Parents expect that their children are safe. Students trust that your campus is safe from internal and external threats. We create safer campuses. 

CAEN was designed specifically for college campuses and universities utilizing our Best in Class Video Security Surveillance System. It sends out notifications to designated personnel and First responders in the event of an intrusion, fire, building or equipment anomaly, system breaches, and other precarious events.

In addition, students can download an app on their smartphone that features an emergency button in the event of an emergency. When pushed, first responders are automatically notified with geo-location information pulled from the phone’s GPS, saving valuable time.

CAEN also integrates into the Best in Class Access Control system that records all access/exit points of entry. The system even integrates into fire control suppression systems, sending GPS coordinates to first responders that not only can monitor the location but communicate with personnel on the ground.

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